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       Bassaction Nets are a solid, Australian made, hand-crafted product of superior quality that cannot be rivalled; and the way fish respond, when landing them, is astounding. We have designed these shapes with every conceivable idea thrown at them during development. The top considerations were fish care and wellbeing, angler ease and controllability, easy photo opportunities, storage, strength, measurement and, of course, it had to perform!


        Fish care and wellbeing is our primary objective. Bassaction nets provide a flat bed system which supports the wall of the stomach and gut area preventing it from being damaged, especially in bigger fish. Once a fish is hooked, their battle of survival begins. A build up of lactic acid consumes the fish and by leaving them in the net, in the water, for a while helps reduce this stress and you can easily remove the hook before releasing them.


       The nets are smooth, with no hard or protruding plastic edges. Again, our fishes wellbeing is of utmost importance to us and preventing any damage is paramount. Land a fish in our nets and see the difference.


        Survival of your catch is important to the continuing soundness of your fishing ecosystem. Returning your fish in the best possible condition is imperitive. By using a Bassaction net your responsibility to the fish and the environment goes much further than it's little swim for freedom. We all need our favourite snag to hold fish and the Bassaction  catch and release system is the way to make that happen.


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