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About Our Products

Bassaction products are designed, manufactured and distributed throughout Australia.

We source high quality Australian alluminium and mesh. Our nets are all UV treated

Including the threading and binding.  We subject our nets to a very rigorous testing

regime to test against water, salt, sun, weight & pressure. The handles and diameter

of the frames are increased in order to accommodate the load variances thus

ensuring the durability and longevity of your Bassaction product.  



The benefits of Bassaction nets are clear!

 The Measuring Device - measure your fish easily, at a glance.

 The Flat-bed system - allows your fish to lay nice and flat.

 No hard or rough edges - prevents any damage to your fish's eyes, scales or membranes.

Less Stress to your fish - fish can recover and remove lactic acid build-up before release.

Best photo opportunity - fish lay still for a great photo.

Ensures the survival of the fish - maximum enjoyment achieved!



 You might think "It's not big enough"

 Put it this way... if the fish's head is able to go over the front bar of the net, then basically,

the fish wil be caught in the net. Even if the fish is twice the size of the net!

 Check out our photos and videos to see for yourself how easy it is to land a good size fish

with our nets. 

Traditional landing techniques are simply a thing of the past now,

and so is the old legend of the 'one that got away'! 




Enjoy your fishing,  fish responsibly, fish for the future & fish with a Bassaction net.




All Bassaction products are hand-crafted and carry a 2 year manufacturers

replacement warranty against faulty workmanship, defects and materials.

Our products are subject to strict quality control and are thoroughly examined before they

leave our warehouse. We guarantee the item you receive will be fault free and you will be happy with your purchase. BUT, should our product fail in any way we will happily replace it.

Simply return it to the store you purchased it from with your proof of purchase.

Missuse of our products will void the product warranty and guarantee.

All care is taken by Bassaction. 




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